[sclug] Re: sclug Digest, Vol 13, Issue 2

Sandeep Varma darker.trooper at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 18:03:20 UTC 2004

I think I can attend. (Don't know how much of a use that'll be) I can
bring a few friends/potential converts who have a bit of knowledge on
linux (I've been educating them :D).

Oh, as for equipment, well i can bring a laptop, running SuSE 9.1 Pro,
and i can also bring SuSE on cd's and dvd (Have the cd's ripped by a
friend, dvd shipped to me by Novell)

I also have Slackware 10, Dyne:bolic, Fedora Core 2 (On cd's and dvd,
don't use it though, it's flaky) Knoppix 3.4, by the weekend i should
have the newest Kanotix (Optimized Knoppix for HD install) ready. All
of these can be copied under the GPL if I'm correct? If so we can
distribute these too. :D

Laptop has no DVD drive, only a bog standard CD drive. I'll have to
clear with parents whether I can bring the desktop box, which has DVD
and burner.

Anyhow, I look forward to attending, and I'm a recent convert to be
honest, so I hope to pick up a few tips along the way :D.


Sandeep Varma, Slough, UK

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