[sclug] Linux Day + other plans

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Tue Oct 12 14:15:38 UTC 2004

> I think these are good ideas.  I really don't want to throw 
> cold water over it.  RUG use the British Legion in Tilehurst. 
>  But that costs money.  So we would need to have to charge to 
> use do that.  RUG charge 2 quid per person and I believe that 
> covers the cost.
> I guess we would also have the make the Group more formal if 
> we are going to hold money.

I think a BaB event needs to be regular. Surely there is someone here that
has access to a room at the uni?
Othe LUGs seem to do these bimonthly alternating with a beer meet, or
monthly. I don't think that we could realistically fit a BaB meet into an
evening though - a weekend-day is much better suited IMHO.
> I think the idea of having a night where we can bring Kit and 
> do and try things would be useful.  The problem with the BOB 
> meeting is that it's purely social and has no structure.
> Lets talk about it tomorrow.

Sounds like a plan
> BTW.  Sorry I could not make the day domestic commitments 
> prevented it.

Ditto - was away with work.


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