[sclug] Linux Day + other plans

Leon Ward leon at countersnipe.com
Tue Oct 12 17:32:47 UTC 2004

Hi Simon 

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 12:57, Simon Huggins wrote:
> Just wanted to say thanks to those that organised this and also to those
> that came along.

'sok, made a nice change to sitting in the pub.


> There were a few good ideas that came out of it that I think I should
> air here:
> 	- some people were asking about repeating the day in a similar
> 	  format i.e. people bring along computers/laptops and get help
> 	  either installing from scratch or with the odd problem or two
> 	  that they have.

Yes, It seams there is a desire for this. I guess that approx 30 people 
turned up at the weekend. I recognised about 3 other DaB (Drink a Beer) 

> 	- some others were talking about how the audience differed
> 	  between a pub meet and a non-pub meet and that perhaps some
> 	  sort of short talk to broaden people's knowledge would be
> 	  useful.
This has been mentioned many times before and each time welcomed with
open arms by most people. I think the problem is we never get organised
enough to pull something off.

> So maybe if we can steal the venue again we could get something like
> that happening or even alternate non-pub meetings a few short (say 20
> minute) talks on various subjects and then a "linux day" style event.
> Maybe do one talks event in a couple of months, then a linux day style
> thing a couple of months later etc?

I think that one per month may be a little too often. I guess that
quality is better than quantity.

> I was impressed someone had found us via Linux Format so I guess the
> fact it was tied into an official event helped and that other meetings
> would need similar publicity.

> I guess other things that might help are a little bit more structure in
> terms of who is there to help, and who is looking for help.  Badges
> perhaps?  Even if they're bits of paper or whatever they might help
> people that come in to break the ice and ask their questions.

Badges: Great idea.
A few people came up to me asking "Are you an expert or a visitor?". 
Didn't have a clue about how to answer that one ;-)

> Also getting some business cards printed up with the website address on
> and the mailing list subscribe form URL so you can give them a card and
> tell them to get on the list perhaps?  I think vistaprint.co.uk do
> free/cheap business cards (for some advertising space on the back which
> obviously works cos here I am recommending them ;)).

Yea cards sound good, IIRC we spoke about them on the day. It surprised
me that so many people had never heard of a LuG.
> Just some random ideas.  They need people on the list (YES THAT'S YOU)
> to pipe up and say "Yes, that's a great idea" "No that's poo" (well
> preferably more than just that but hey ;))

no, yes, poo, girls, feck, drink, girls, arse, drink, etc

> I should be around a bit more now than I was before the Linux Day so I
> should be able to help organise some of this.

See you all tomorrow night.


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