[sclug] Re: Welcome to all new members, and looking towards Linuxday 2005

Sandeep Varma darker.trooper at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 21:20:18 UTC 2004

I'd like to say welcome to all new members of this list. I'm fairly
new too to be honest, and still finding my feet in Linux, and I'm only
14 :D (15 on Monday). So if I can do it, frankly anybody can.

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> Subject: [sclug] Linux Day + other plans
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> Just wanted to say thanks to those that organised this and also to those
> that came along.
> It was interesting to see different people there than come along to the
> pub meets.  Speaking of which hopefully some of you will come along
> tomorrow to the Back of Beyond for 7:30/8pm ish onwards (the website has
> directions).
> There were a few good ideas that came out of it that I think I should
> air here:
>         - some people were asking about repeating the day in a similar
>           format i.e. people bring along computers/laptops and get help
>           either installing from scratch or with the odd problem or two
>           that they have.
>         - some others were talking about how the audience differed
>           between a pub meet and a non-pub meet and that perhaps some
>           sort of short talk to broaden people's knowledge would be
>           useful.
>           Not necessarily always about linux to be honest but also about
>           other interesting bits and bobs.  For instance I spoke with
>           Martin Hosken about his work with fonts for minority dialects
>           (about fonts, pango, where his work fits etc) and it was
>           really interesting but something I hadn't heard about before.
>           This could be combined with the other Reading computer
>           thingie.  Is it called RUG?
> So maybe if we can steal the venue again we could get something like
> that happening or even alternate non-pub meetings a few short (say 20
> minute) talks on various subjects and then a "linux day" style event.
> Maybe do one talks event in a couple of months, then a linux day style
> thing a couple of months later etc?
> I was impressed someone had found us via Linux Format so I guess the
> fact it was tied into an official event helped and that other meetings
> would need similar publicity.
> I guess other things that might help are a little bit more structure in
> terms of who is there to help, and who is looking for help.  Badges
> perhaps?  Even if they're bits of paper or whatever they might help
> people that come in to break the ice and ask their questions.
> Also getting some business cards printed up with the website address on
> and the mailing list subscribe form URL so you can give them a card and
> tell them to get on the list perhaps?  I think vistaprint.co.uk do
> free/cheap business cards (for some advertising space on the back which
> obviously works cos here I am recommending them ;)).
> Just some random ideas.  They need people on the list (YES THAT'S YOU)
> to pipe up and say "Yes, that's a great idea" "No that's poo" (well
> preferably more than just that but hey ;))
> I should be around a bit more now than I was before the Linux Day so I
> should be able to help organise some of this.

It was the first one I attended, and to me, it looked like a success.
But to see it improve slightly more, here's what I would have liked to

-The idea of a short talk or speech on something Linux/Open Source
related would be good.

-There should have been slightly more cohesion across the entire room.
I know me and my friends stayed at the side with Lawrence (Yes what
kind of friends? One of them made you download Service Pack 2 for him
:@). No idea how this would be implemented, but I know that more
people talking to each other would be good.

-Perhaps dividing the room up into 'sectors', with demo
machines/tryout machines at one end, disc burning machines close by
and drinks/refreshments on the other side. I realise that this would
need slightly more planning and layout beforehand, but I'll be willing
to put in the extra hand for one.

-The nifty directions to the event were fantastic, had to be said.

All in all, for my first attendance, I was particularly amazed at the
scope of the event, and look forward to attending future ones.


Sandeep Varma, Slough, UK

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