[sclug] Creative Commons project needs PHP coders

Tom Chance lists at tomchance.org.uk
Tue Oct 12 21:46:17 UTC 2004

Ahoy there,

I'm leading a Creative Commons project based in Reading. It's called "Remix 
Reading", and you can learn all about it on our web site:


Basically, we're putting together a web site that will carry people's work (be 
it audio, image, text or video), and allow them to link their work to others 
so that they can show their work is a remix of an existing piece. We're also 
going to be promoting Free Software, both by setting up public systems 
running Linux for people to use, distributing Linux livecds and CDs with Free 
Software for MS Windows, and just using the web site to promote the fuzzy 
warm feeling of freedom :)

We have loads of local artists excited about the project, and a lot of work 
ready to go online; we have a professional press officer; we have ibiblio 
hosting it for free; we have a professional graphics artist designing the web 
site; we have a team with experience in running major campaigns, working with 
Free Software projects (e.g. I do work with KDE and the AFFS), putting on 
sizeable gigs around Reading, and more.

But we lack programmers. Well, we have one extremely good code monkey and 
myself (but I'm more of a Python and Perl person with little time).

So, if you know PHP, please respond! The web site is based upon Drupal if you 
know of that (our code monkey is one of the core programmers for it). We have 
small quick tasks that you can do, as well as harder, larger tasks (like good 
file handling, for example). We're also open to cool ideas you might have.

Anyway, I hope to hear from someone :) If you can't code in PHP, please ask 
everyone you know who might.


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