[sclug] Netvigator - Anyone using it.

Luke Hinds lukehinds at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 19:40:42 UTC 2005

> Hi,
> I don't have it myself, but reports I've had from friends indicate it is
> quite reception-dependant.  In addition, the latency is very poor (of the
> order of a few 100ms - similar to GSM with CSD or GPRS) so anything
> interactive is likely to be be poor.  However, downloads are reported as
> pretty good, once they get going.
> Since I run a lot of interactive sessions (SSH, RDP, etc.), I've seen no
> reason to change over.  (Especially as NTL have upgraded me to 2Mbit/s for
> the same cost.)
>   - Bob

Chap at my work is really happy with NTL - i would give it a spin but they
don't cover my area.

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