[sclug] Netvigator - Anyone using it.

iforlewis-ifor at mail.dzinerserver.com iforlewis-ifor at mail.dzinerserver.com
Sun Apr 17 20:26:24 UTC 2005


I got the same deal as you. No commitment - 512 connection as I'm not
interested in a landline and knew I was moving soon. I just moved across
Windsor Town Centre.

Latency is poor but downloads are fine, regular 512 speed. Works under
Windows XP and my homebrew Linux From Scratch, I just used the Roaring
Penguin PPPOE thingy:
http://www.roaringpenguin.com/penguin/open_source_rp-pppoe.php and works no

I have no idea why yours isn't working good except maybe the signal
strength. In the windows software it shows signal strength and signal
quality, both are at maximum for me. The lights on top don't mean anything
to me anyway.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the service as I don't care that much about
the latency. When I settle somewhere for longer I'll get a 2meg line...


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