[sclug] USB card won't come out to play

Scott Rixon scott at green-flag.com
Fri Nov 4 20:11:08 UTC 2005

> Thanks to all who tried to help with this. I have egg on my face - 
> when I returned the card to Maplin for a refund, one of the assistants 
> overheard the conversation and popped over to point out that it isn't 
> a USB host card, it's an internal USB hub - you have to use a short 
> external cable to connect it to an existing external USB port. Without 
> this it only supplies power from the PCI bus.
> Doh!
> The instructions are pants because they failed to make this point very 
> clearly - or perhaps the fault is my poor command of pidgin English. 
> Or perhaps I am just plain thick. To be fair the box does call it a 
> USB Hub Card, so perhaps it is the latter :-(
> Older and wiser....
> Neil
Or maybe that fact that it sounds like the most pointless bit of 
hardware out there!!!

Why would any want a PCI slot used by a USB hub when the external ones 
are much better!!!

Silly if you ask me.. I wouldn't have know what it was..


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