[sclug] Getting my new IDE card to work.

Neil Haughton n.a.haughton at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 1 11:32:36 UTC 2006

Not quite there yet with my extra optical drive.....

 >>Hang the cost ;-) I'm going to put in another 2xIDE card, and run the 
HDDs each as masters on IDE0 and IDE1, and the optical drives as masters 
on the two new channels. I trust Linux will be happy with this arrangement?

Well I did that today, and moved my DVD drive to the extra primary 
channel (which I presume is IDE2), changed the jumper to master. The 
problem is that I cannot access the drive - /mnt/cdrom now shows itself 
as an empty folder. Do I have to change my fstab in some way? If so, what?

The POST correctly detects the drive as the device on the primary 
channel on the new card, and HardDrake (the Mandriva hardware config 
tool) shows a new device on the PCI bus. So I now have

main board IDE0 - boot hard drive (master)
main board IDE1 - another hard drive (master)
PCI card primary socket - optical drive (DVD) (master)
PCI card secondary socket - furute optical drive (master)

HardDrake shows the new card as:

Vendor: ?Integrated Technology Express Inc.

Description: ?IT8212 RAID Controller

Media class: ?STORAGE_OTHER

Bus: ?PCI

Bus PCI #: ?0

PCI device #: ?13

PCI function #: ?0

Vendor ID: ?4739

Device ID: ?33298

Sub vendor ID: ?65535

Sub device ID: ?65535

Module: ?it821x

(it's not actually a RAID controller; it announces itself on the box as 
'No Raid' - which is what I want)

Do I need to install special drivers or something?


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