[sclug] Install day on 15th / 29th?

Tom Dawes-Gamble tmdg at weardale.cl
Sun Apr 2 21:57:39 UTC 2006

Tom Chance wrote:
> Ahoy,
> Quoting Tom Dawes-Gamble <tmdg at weardale.cl>:
>> On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 11:11 +0100, Tom Chance wrote:
> Magic, since a few people seem interested let's go with the 15th.
> Anything else
> need arranging, or shall we all just land on the centre on the day?

IMVHO I think some planning is needed.  Just turning up is not enough.
The one install day I did with SCLUG was a bit chaotic.

>> I went to the HantsLug Meeting today. It was very impressive.
> What impressed you? 

Everything :-)

1)  They had a reception Desk so each person had a name badge.
	The badge had a Disto Logo so you could easily spot like distro 	
people.  May be one of the Hants LUGers on the list could
 	organise a similar bit of software for us to use.

2) They provided Wired hubs and Wireless.
	I have a couple of HUBs we can use.

3) There were four Speakers.
	Nothing too "techie" Well not the three I went too.
	I particularly enjoyed Adam's talk on (Desktop Adapted for Dad).
	Highlighting how much we take for granted.

They had a number of things to sell CDs and so on.


So With all that in mind I would say we need:-

An organiser (Probably Tom Chance),
A Reception Desk Rota.
	A PC and Printer to print badges.  ( have a PC Printer we can
	use )
	Though if we can get the software in time you can print your
A time table even if it's only Start and Finish times.
A list of what we need.
A list of who is providing what.
A list of who will do what.

May be an announcement on Radio Berks.

I sure there is much more.

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