[sclug] Install day on 15th / 29th?

Spiros Kapetanakis spizkapa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 09:15:32 UTC 2006

> IMVHO I think some planning is needed.  Just turning up is not enough.
> The one install day I did with SCLUG was a bit chaotic.
I agree. I organised an install day for the York Linux User Group and
it was pretty much full-time work getting things ready for the
three-day event. The first day was just talks about Linux and FOSS,
the second day was the install-day proper and the third day was a
support afternoon, where people with problems came for help and we had
lots of coffee and biscuits.

> An organiser (Probably Tom Chance),
Definitely would need a central person. To get a good bazaar going,
you need a cathedral, sort of speak.

> A Reception Desk Rota.
>         A PC and Printer to print badges.  ( have a PC Printer we can
>         use )
>         Though if we can get the software in time you can print your
>         own.
> A time table even if it's only Start and Finish times.
> A list of what we need.
> A list of who is providing what.
> A list of who will do what.
> May be an announcement on Radio Berks.

We would also need to arrange who can help carry stuff around (I can
do some of that too). We'd need some setup time before the event and
some nice sould to provide the coffee...

Other things that I can remember doing for the last install day I was
involved with include: print posters and distribute to shops in town,
advertise at local colleges and universities (we put info on message
of the day).

Also, the event can make some money back for the LUG is people donate
stuff that we then sell to people. So, if you had some old books, they
could go for a couple of quid to cover printing costs etc. I remember
selling an old 486 for 10 pounds which covered the nibbles for the
install day.

I hope this helps. I will definitely be up for helping out (including
financially if need be), I've been lurking on the list for a while and
have only managed to make one of the meetings so far.


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