[sclug] milter-regex problems.

Tom Dawes-Gamble tmdg at weardale.cl
Sat Aug 5 23:06:31 UTC 2006

        Does anyone else on the list use milter-regex to filter out
        I am trying to tweak it.  But don't seem to be able to get the
        "or" and "not" functionality working.
        If I am reading the man page correctly I shoudl be able to do
        reject "Not today thank you!"
        header /(To|Cc)/i  /(spam1|spam2)@domain.co.uk/
        reject "Not today thank you!"
        envrcpt  /(spam1|spam2)@domain.co.uk/
        I've tried a number of ways but they all fail.
        Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
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