[sclug] installing Debian on HP Proliant ML110 G3

John Barron mail at europa.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 19 18:38:23 UTC 2006

On Saturday 19 August 2006 17:29, Rachel wrote:
> Hi
> I have an HP Proliant ML110 G3 which I am trying to install Debian
> on. It's to run as a dev/file server.
> I intended to install Sarge on it however the installer fails at the
> point of partitioning the disk as it can't find the hard drive -
> assuming this is because of SATA. I was installing using a 2.6 kernel
> as I have had success in getting SATA machines running Sarge that way
> before but that didn't help this time.
> I have searched on this but haven't found anything helpful. To be
> honest I would prefer to have Sarge running on it to Etch, but
> getting the thing running is my main concern, and I would rather keep
> Debian than go to Fedora.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas :)

Is it worth trying Ubuntu on it, if that will install successfully? Admittedly 
that's better known as a desktop distribution, however it is essentially 
Debian at heart, and AIUI there is a 'server install' option which will give 
you a non-GUI basic/minimal system to which you can add what you require with 


On my system I see I seem to have either of two versions of apache available 
by apt-get from Ubuntu, either:
apache 1.3.34
apache 2.0.55

with 1.3 from the 'universe' repository I think. Not that I need it apache or 
have tried it, nevertheless looks plausible for your requirement, and at 
least it means not having to have Fedora.


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