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> Hello,
> It's been a while since my first goes with linux. I now have to
> introduce a newbie to the task of administrating ISP servers.
> Can anyone give advice on how one should train another in this field,
> and what you might think gives a new comer a good foundation.

	Midnight commander - provides context, twice over!

		lynx-like-motion = Yes

			some versions are built with a patch that
			removes this completely. Get one that works.
			If you have typed something into the command line
			YES - even by pressing space by accident !
			then: left-right moves within the line
			Normally: up-down-left-right navigates dirs / files 

		pause-after-command = Always

			I'm not sure why this isnt the default

		confirm exit - NO

			dont ask me silly questions
			that get me into the HABIT of ack'ing

		confirm delete - YES

			a better way is move (F6) to a directory called _DEL_

		external editor = YES

			${EDITOR:-vi} is better than the builtin

		other_options ... save options ...

		Learn Some Keys

			TAB	-- switches panel
			F3 - view file
			ENTER -- runs sel file, or opens selected.tgz
			CTRL-R	-- rereads dir
			CTRL-L	-- redraws screen
			ESC-Enter  -- types the highlighted filename
			CTRL-O	-- switch to full screen
			F5, F6 -- copy / move to other panel


			create a dir /home/admin3/2000/check_email_speed/
			create lots of one-line scripts with numbers
			i.e use mc as a menu system

		setup a (tkinter) menu that opens a remote xterm of decent size
		with a choice of users (root, admin3, appadmin),
		so that you can be there asap, with xauth/DISPLAY already sorted

	daily check list

		the first few days, you talk the new person through a list of checks.
		they may need a few words of docs writing (starting with a list of tasks)
		thats how you test that the DNS is working ...
		thats how you ....
		in the process you pass on your expectations, approaches
		as time passes, the new person becomes self-reliant

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