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Glyn glynj at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat May 27 09:56:32 UTC 2006

Hello folks,

Can anybody help me out?

I'm just starting out (again) on the path to enlightenment the GNU/Linux way and have decided that creating and hosting a simple website would be my first project. I have decided to code manually with Vim, which I am a novice in the use of. I've hit a problem following a newbie CSS course hosted by westciv.com. In lesson 4, exercise 1 of its 'hands on css tutorial' it asks the student to copy and paste a chunk of html into a new file. I spent two hours last night trying to accomplish this but Vim has resisted all my attempts so far, I also tried cutting and pasting into a Kate text document and then inserting that document into my Vim file, but to no avail, whatever approach I take I only get a portion of the document inserted together with strange happenings I can't fathom. 

I guess this is to do with me not understanding something pretty basic about how Vim works, but I'm still scratching my head. I'm determined to make progress with Vim and any help in expediting my learning would be much appreciated,

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