[sclug] Linux Apprentice Wanted !

Alan Pearson alandpearson at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 00:10:59 UTC 2006

I'm frankly a little bemused/annoyed/shocked by the interpretation of  
my post.

You have _no_ idea what the pay scale is and yet you criticise it.

I have no intention of discriminating against anyone, and anyone is  
free to forward me their CV for consideration. I've indicated the  
level of person required (read apprentice Linux bod), that is all.

Frankly, the 2 on list replies I've received are out of order. You  
know little to nothing about the position, but you assume that I want  
some underpaid monkey to shovel coal for us.
Oh yeah, and assume the monkey must be between age X and Y.

It is a great opportunity for a person of ANY age to come on board  
and learn a lot about enterprise Linux and networks, you know what,  
scrub it, I'm not defending a job post.

I thought I'd be nice and give the local LUGs first hop on this job  
before it goes out to an agency, especially given the current climate  
and how hard it can be to get a decent job in the first place. Think  
I'll just go the traditional route, put out to the agency, let them  
have their cut and the person gets paid less.

Frankly, if you're not interested in the job, I don't want to hear  
your uninformed opinions about my post.

Sorry I posted.

AlanP 'apalled by the attitudes of some SCLUGers.... '

On 3 Nov 2006, at 22:10, John Stumbles wrote:

> Alan Pearson wrote:
>> Recent graduates can be of any age
> That's sophistry really, isn't it. Rugby players can be female, but  
> to prefer one in a job offer is likely to be interpreted as sex  
> discrimination[1]
> >>> We're after someone, more than likely a recent graduate
> s/$/ because we're not inclined to pay a lot/
> would be honest[2], with a disclaimer that if anyone of whatever  
> age presents themself they'll be considered on their merits.
> [1] unless it's a job playing rugby, I suppose. How come that's OK?
> [2] if accurate ...
>> and the salary is to be discussed on a per applicant basis.
> ... but if that weren't the reason for the preference it really  
> would look like age discrimination.
> -- 
> John Stumbles
> ("internet plumber" until made redundant, along with other  
> predominantly older employees, from last job :-(. Now s/internet//,  
> where age discrimination generally works the other way :-)

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