[sclug] Palm replacement

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Tue Oct 16 23:40:32 UTC 2007

James Wyper wrote:

> Have you considered a Nokia 770?  I bought one from Expansys a couple of months ago for around ?80
> -    800x480 colour screen, stylus input, handwriting recognition
> -   Runs Linux, mail (not calendar) and browser (Opera 9) and media player built in; other software available
> -    Wide range of Linux ports at maemo.org including a calendar app, ssh, openvpn, vnc.  Oh, and Doom..
> -    Bluetooth (somewhat hobbled by default but this can be fixed) and Wifi (WEP/WPA)
> -    Several hours battery life (3-5 days on standby); replaceable Li-ion battery
> -   Takes RS-MMC cards for storage

Never heard of it but it sounds worth looking at. The main thing for me 
is being able to port over my existing address book and ideally calendar 
(with past as well as future entries) to equivalent apps on the new 
machine, and to be able to sync the handheld to my desktop (which should 
also be able to work with the same app data). I forgot to say I also use 
the appointment reminder alarm function on the Palm and I'd want that on 
a new machine.

Does the Nokia do that? Are you running those sort of apps on it?

John Stumbles

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