[sclug] Trouble booting from DVDs - digest

Graham cascade.information at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 21:10:02 UTC 2013

>> Boot from ATAPI CDROM
>> No Emulation
>>    EDD error 8000 reading sector 34940 drive 9F
>> VesaMenu.C32: Not a COM32R image

What is drive 9F ???
I dont know BIOS boot device numbers,
and it might be normal but it might be wildly off.

If so, the BIOS has forgotten the drive path,
and the _SECOND_ part of the boot,
tries to read a file from an absent CD device.
An absent file is reported as not a COM32R image ?

That might be due to you having a bunch of SATA drive sockets,
and a PATA chip + cable. The poor old bios has no idea which is which.
The 'emulation' is probably where an image of a floppy
is read into memory as an emulated floppy.
The BIOS starts out knowing where the boot device is,
loads the first stage itself, and runs it,
but then that needs to load more files.

If you have the patience, and a known good CD does not boot,
try pulling out SATA cables, and/or selecting which devices are visible,
and which are first.

After that, try setting the PATA to master (if it is on its own cable),
or else slave if you think that is the mistake the bios expects
everyone to make,
on both the drive, and the motherboard (if CS jumpered there).

Google "BIOS drive 9F" says lots of things


> This sounds like a hardware problem, but I am not a hardware engineer so I
> do not know what to do about it. Do I have a dodgy new DVD writer, a cable
> problem, or is Brasero mucking up the creating of a new DVD?

If it is something like my guess above,
then there is nothing wrong with your drive,
nor with your CD/DVD media
(though there could be).

A CD that uses the floppy model would work,
it typically has a 1.4MB or 2.8MB filename.img
so if a CD boots fine, look at it again.

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