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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: Trouble booting from DVDs - digest (Graham)
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> From: Graham <cascade.information at gmail.com>
> To: sclug at sclug.org.uk
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> Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 22:10:02 +0100
> Subject: Re: [sclug] Trouble booting from DVDs - digest
> >> Boot from ATAPI CDROM
> >> No Emulation
> >>
> >>    EDD error 8000 reading sector 34940 drive 9F
> >
> >> VesaMenu.C32: Not a COM32R image
> What is drive 9F ???
> I dont know BIOS boot device numbers,
> and it might be normal but it might be wildly off.
> If so, the BIOS has forgotten the drive path,
> and the _SECOND_ part of the boot,
> tries to read a file from an absent CD device.
> An absent file is reported as not a COM32R image ?
> That might be due to you having a bunch of SATA drive sockets,
> and a PATA chip + cable. The poor old bios has no idea which is which.
> The 'emulation' is probably where an image of a floppy
> is read into memory as an emulated floppy.
> The BIOS starts out knowing where the boot device is,
> loads the first stage itself, and runs it,
> but then that needs to load more files.
> If you have the patience, and a known good CD does not boot,
> try pulling out SATA cables, and/or selecting which devices are visible,
> and which are first.
> After that, try setting the PATA to master (if it is on its own cable),
> or else slave if you think that is the mistake the bios expects
> everyone to make,
> on both the drive, and the motherboard (if CS jumpered there).
> Google "BIOS drive 9F" says lots of things
> Graham
> >
> > This sounds like a hardware problem, but I am not a hardware engineer so
> I
> > do not know what to do about it. Do I have a dodgy new DVD writer, a
> cable
> > problem, or is Brasero mucking up the creating of a new DVD?
> >
> > TIA
> If it is something like my guess above,
> then there is nothing wrong with your drive,
> nor with your CD/DVD media
> (though there could be).
> A CD that uses the floppy model would work,
> it typically has a 1.4MB or 2.8MB filename.img
> so if a CD boots fine, look at it again.
Thanks for that, but sadly my motherboard has not heard of SATA! It's PATA
all the way down....

The only SATA drive I have is an external one used for data backups through
USB, and not normally plugged in.

I've found  I can actually boot from my 'old' DVD reader (after reinstating
it in place of the new drive), so the problem appears to be associated with
the new DVD writer. I have sent it back for replacement (or to be specific,
I reported the problem and was asked to return it for replacement).

Let's see what the replacement does.


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