[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 118, Issue 6

Graham cascade.information at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 15:19:36 UTC 2013

> Thanks for that, but sadly my motherboard has not heard of SATA! It's PATA
> all the way down....
> The only SATA drive I have is an external one used for data backups through
> USB, and not normally plugged in.
> I've found  I can actually boot from my 'old' DVD reader (after reinstating
> it in place of the new drive), so the problem appears to be associated with
> the new DVD writer. I have sent it back for replacement (or to be specific,
> I reported the problem and was asked to return it for replacement).
> Let's see what the replacement does.
> Neil

Then I'd definitely double-check the DVD jumpers.
If it is on a cable on its own, it must be the master,
If it is on a cable with a drive, the drive should be master.
Cable select is a waste of ink, dont use it.
(Older) BIOS's on the MB or DVD evolved out of the goo.


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