[Scottish] HTML templating software?

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Tue Dec 3 13:42:00 2002

Hi Rob,

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002 06:30:33 +0000
"Robert(Rob) M. Schneider" <rmschne@rmschneider.com> wrote:

> Far as I know (and I continue to look) there is nothing which comes
> close to Microsoft FrontPage for these features.  Your pages are
> static, wish to have templates, themes, etc. etc. 

eek, bleech.. ;-/

FrontPage used to be famed for producing notoriously invalid and bloated
'HTML', which is enough reason for me not to touch it!
Standards-compliance is quite important to me.

I have no idea whether it has improved in recent versions,
notwithstanding the obvious that it's not a Linux solution, and it's
from the beast itself..

I guess that Dreamweaver for Linux might be a nice thing, but I guess I
can, err, dream, about that..

> As you observed, PHP
> is probably not what you want (it' a programming language).

My 'objection' to PHP in this instance is not that it's a programming
language (most of these HTML preprocessors are programming languages of
a sort) but that (afaik) PHP 'needlessly' impedes cacheability of pages
that aren't "intrinsically" dynamic as each document is assembled on the
fly live on the server before being served, which will be an unnecessary
overhead for most documents that I will write (Having said that I will
be playing with PHP on some occasions, I am sure). This is why I would
prefer a system that I can preprocess locally and then upload (static)
changes to the server.

> I retain my Windows setup to run FrontPage.  I use Win4Lin on the
> desktop, 

Is Win4Lin the expensive one or the really expensive one? ;-)
(VMWare being the other)
Does anybody have any experience of Crossover Wine?

> and I'm increasingly using rdesktop to access and remotely
> use an XP box for this purpose.

That sounds interesting. Is rdesktop free? I must look into it..

> You can supplement FrontPage's publishing capability with something
> like "sitecopy" (search Google for this word to find it's home page)

Yes, I currently use sitecopy, it's a really excellent wee tool,
although I am now planning to change to rsync (once I suss it out) as
this has the bandwidth/time-saving advantage of only uploading diffs
rather than entire files.

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