[Scottish] [SLUG-announce] Xmas Meeting(s)

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 12 10:38:01 2002

Late news, the Common Room in the Livingstone Tower is in use on the 19th=
we are having a pub-only meet in the Counting House that night..
> For those that cant stay away or cant make the 19th, there will be anot=
> pub meet on the 26th in the Goose on Union St.

> And here's just where The Goose on Union Street is ( Union St,
> unsurprisingly)
> http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=3D258750&Y=3D665250&width=3D70=
>&scale=3D5000&advanced=3D&multimap.x=3D438&multimap.y=3D244 just at the =
"L" in
> Central.
> Do I need to put in a map for the Counting House? Aye OK then
> http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=3D259250&Y=3D665500&width=3D70=
>&scale=3D5000&advanced=3D&multimap.x=3D281&multimap.y=3D272 on the corne=
r of George
> Sq and St Vincent St.
> All welcome for geekly gabbing and glugging. Look for the group with th=
> furry penguin.  _somebody_  please bring a penguin this month :-)
> This decision was arrived at entirely undemocratically by a small cabal=
> IRC. Join us on  eu.freenode.net   #scotlug to take part in this
> undemocratic cabalism. Occaisionally we talk computer stuff too.
> Stand by for updates if we can get a speaker organised for a session in=
> Livi Tower before the pub.
> Remember the LUG that glugs together, stays together
> Have a Kool Yule y'all
> Willie Fleming
> willie@itscotland.demon.co.uk
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Best Regards
Willie Fleming