[Scottish] Procmail problem ("Couldn't create "/var/spool/mail/sjm217")

Martin McCarthy scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 18 13:03:01 2002

The logfile says:

> procmail: Couldn't create "/var/spool/mail/sjm217"
> procmail: [5319] Fri Oct 18 12:46:57 2002

and you surmise:

> however judging from the above output it looks like the problem is hit
> before my .procmailrc is read.

It does indeed look that way.  I'd guess that there's an /etc/procmailrc
file for the system - that gets invoked before your own rcfile unless
you tell procmail not to.

You can tell procmail not to by putting the path to your own rcfile on
the command line.  So, rather than invoking



  /us/bin/procmail /path/to/my/.procmailrc

and see what that does for you!

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