[Scottish] AD: (not mine) Perl coder needed, Shawfield, Glasgow

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 24 16:46:01 2003

Michael Cameron wrote:

>>Some company in the Shawfield area of Glasgow (or Rutherglen if you
>>prefer) are looking for a Perl coder, Mon - Fri, office hours.
>>If anybody is interested, contact
>>Caroline Reynolds at Learning IT,
>>caroline.reynolds@learningit.com  (0141 248-5000)
>Learning IT are not an agency as far as I am aware; they offer training in a
>variety of things including Cisco certification.  If anyone goes for this
>I'd suggest pushing for a lot more details and, if it is a temporary post,
>make sure you get them to reduce any agency fees to a minimum.
I've recently been for an interview for a permanent job as a Perl 
programmer for an established company in the Shawfield area - the job 
was advertised by the company themselves on S1 jobs AIR. Maybe its not 
the same job. But just in case DON'T APPLY FOR IT - I WANT IT ;)

(who has way too much time on his hands these days!)