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Might be less relevent here, but it does look like an interesting

Jonathan Riddell

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Dear All,

I will be in Edinburgh between Wednesday 12th and Saturday 15th Feb to set
up the second leg of 'Art for Networks' an exhibition looking at 'work'
where interactions with networks (data or otherwise) form the focus of
activity, illustrated with a range of practice demonstrating some new
possibilities for collaboration and communication..

My contribution has three components : OWN ,<blink> and CONSUME ... all of
which relate to freenetworking but you may not yet be aware of..

http://own.spc.org is the very sketchy frame for an 'open wireless
network' publication project that I began work on last year, that has been
developed into a hands on installation to tour, yes rather in advance of
the editorial or format being fixed on..! have a peek

http://dek.spc.org/blink has been mentioned on this list before.. using
frequency clock a meta scheduler for streaming media.. an open access AV
channel . you choose what's on and when. This get's projected big scale
with cinematic sounds..!

for the Consume bit we will set up and turn on a new Consume node/wireless
access point, that will remain in place once the exhibit moves on in 6
weeks. So......

You are all invited to contribute/interfere at a special Consume Clinic in
the gallery at http://www.fruitmarket.co.uk/exhibitions2.html on Saturday
15th February between 2 and 6pm, the first day of the exhibition.  Please
bring along your dodgy WiFi, bent wire and crooked warez to share. There
will be tea and cake.. and a space to make.. and time to chat about Local
and international freenetworking..the war etc...!

Please let me know if you will be coming..  Edinburgh Consumates specially
welcome, cumon!

see you there


James Stevens	<-------> 	[+44] 07973318881
DECKSPACE	<-------> 	http://dek.spc.org
SPC Borough Hall Royal Hill Greenwich London SE10 8RE

"trip the loop, make your switch, consume the net"

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