[Scottish] Good ISP for ADSL business and hosting?

Mark Robinson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 30 17:16:01 2003

Hello Tam,

Thursday, 30 January 2003, you wrote:

TM> I use force9.net for my home account without any problems and they offer so
TM> much for a reasonable cost:


TM>  If anyone can recommend another ISP that can provide the same functionality
TM>  at a reasonable cost then I would be grateful. Force9.net may be good for  
TM>  home use but not for business. 

I disagree, I use Plus Net for business, and have moved over a dozen
of my clients to it (mostly isdn, but one ADSL). The smtp is good,
although their mail servers do get quite slow occasionally, and the
php/mysql/cgi is fine - I'm working on a php/mysql site for a client
right now...

What's wrong with them for business?