[Scottish] Copyleft report

janice scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 27 23:06:01 2003

Hi there,
Thanks for the replies.
My lecturer did say 3 sources.
So I have various websites, computer periodicals and the Scottish Linux Users 
Group: both mailing list and meetings. Yes I have been to few meetings, can 
hardly remember the latter part of one of them. Who needs raves! and what's 
the GFDL?
I would agree that the ethics of free software are important. It is what 
attracted me to linux in the first place. 
There is no time for a questionnaire. I'm a bit behind schedule. Mostly 
because I was determined to do all my research and preparation on free 
software. Then found out that staroffice wasn't. So at least I've learnt 
something. Reckon I've spent more time trying to make my computer work. ( In 
my innocence bought a computer with all sorts of onboard nvidia)
I'll have a better look at the Cathedral and the Bazaar this weekend.
What is the consensus of opinion? 
Ethics, better software or both?
Any other aspects or opinions?
Thanks guys