[Scottish] Sending display to another machine

Andrew Berry andrew.berry at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 18:51:23 BST 2003

The way I do it with servers at work is to run Cygwin with X Windows and
then ssh to the server and export the display from that to the IP address
that is running Cygwin.



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Hi there,

I have got my linux machine now setup and running as a router and mail/web
server.  I have it stashed away with no monitor/mouse/keyb so that it is
less ugly to my spare room (or at least for the wife!).  I can telnet to it
fine, but I want to be able to get a graphical display of it also.  Is there
a program I can use to do this? I have tried VNC but it doesnt seem to work
well with the new KDE - I dont get any icons or menus, which renders it
pretty useless. To make matters more difficult, I want to route the display
back to a windows machine if possible.  Does anybody know if (and how) I can
do this?


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