[Scottish] Broadband: Made my Trigger

Phil Deane phil at miracleexpress.force9.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 23:40:59 BST 2003

 Hi Folks

I have made my trigger finally, and now can start to plan what kind of 
connection I want. I am wanting a 1MB connection if i can get it, 

I have 1 primary PC, which dual boots, well she reboots into windows and i 
reboot into mandrake, does that count? :-)

My 6 year old twins have a pc as well, but I dont think I want to hook that up 
to the net yet, maybe an option in the future, but for the purposes of your 
advice, I just want to consider the dual booting pc.

People have advised to get a router, but I am not sure what the difference 
between a router and an adsl modem are? Do I need both?

I have tried searching the web but all i come across are sales sites, and of 
course they are going to say they are great.

I also heard data stream, is better than ip-stream, but again not sure why.

Do I want a static Ip address? Sounds good, but on dialup I have never had 
one, so I dont know if one would benefit me

Any advice and recommendations greatly appreciated.


Phil Deane

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