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Andrew Elwell andrew at elwell.org.uk
Sat Apr 17 13:24:03 BST 2004

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 12:17:09PM +0100, Andrew Back wrote:
> I'm just about to re-order DSL. I used Pipex before, but Nildram also look
> pretty good. Any got any experiences to share?
> Also I'd like to get a package with say 8 IPs, hook up a WLAN-Router and
> have a laptop and desktops clients with real IPs. Can anyone recommend a
> suitable Router-AP?

I've been using a D-Link DSL-504 as an ADSL modem/router with few
hassles (apart from twice where it had dropped out to DEBUG mode from
the firmware - cured remotely OK as I had a serial line wired up to a
console server.

I've been using eclipse as an ISP (with a routed subnet) - the service is
great, but the billing leaves alot to be desired. I just asked them for
a statement so I can claim the costs back from work (yay!) but
they've billed me for an invoice amount of "0.00" for the last 15
months. (mind you, I'm presently showing as several hundred quid in


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