[Scottish] Scottish Server Hosting

Rory Gibson rory at deadcrow.net
Thu Feb 26 11:45:41 GMT 2004

This case does seem to stand out a little - it's offering a special
discount for LUGgers. If the discount is genuine, then I say "fair
If it were simply spam, then I'd say blacklits it, but I'd leave *this*
one alone.
  - Rory

Andrew Back said:
> Hmm, a tough one. I think Ray's reply was a tad harsh. I mean there will
> be people who would find that information useful, especially when you
> consider Scotland is hardly bursting a the seams with co-location
> facilities. I only knew of Scolocate and Telecity.
> Maybe it should have been tagged [OT] in the subject. Where do you draw
> the line? I mean nobody would complain if it was a job offer, or offer of
> free kit. However I for one would hate to see every co-lo, domain
> registrar and Linux book vendor posting adverts to the list.
> Andrew

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