[Scottish] Scottish Server Hosting

Chris Binnie chris at belowzero.biz
Thu Feb 26 15:36:27 GMT 2004

William Anderson <neuro at well.com>

> Well connected your colo may appear, endearing us thus far it is not :)

Ok. I'll briefly explain because we've got work to do but this thread just keeps on
coming ! £40 during office hours gets you an engineer for hands-on support for the
hour (over the phone) or an engineer to help you work you on your Server if you need
physical access because you've had hardware failure. £60 is for all other times
throughout the year like Hogmanay and Christmas.

If you have redundancy within your Servers then the chances are you'll pick up your
box, take it away, fix it and then bring it back. If you don't have any redundancy
then you'll do the same but lose online services for the duration.


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