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Ben Thorp THORPB at uk.ibm.com
Wed Jan 7 08:06:04 GMT 2004

Sorry for not responding to this previously - I think it must have got
caught up in the large amount of work mail I got when I came back from

I think this sounds like a good idea as a replacement for a forum, but bear
in mind that forum traffic/questions tends to be of a slightly different
nature to the current mailing-list type stuff. However, the forum is
currently a) very underused, and b) a feature that is available on numerous
other websites (I for one use the forum at http://www.justlinux.com ), and
thus having this alternate interface would allow for a) a feature that
differentiates us from other sites, and b) for people to receive answers
from the wide range of gurus we have on the mailing list that do not have
ready access/time to constantly check a forum.

My suggestion would be a two-pronged attack:
1. Implement your suggestion, allowing people to post from the webpage to
the list
2. Remove the forum from our website, but have a 'generic' Linux help page,
that points to both the communication methods available for ScotLUG (IRC in
all forms, mailing-list, new interface for mailing list) and a list of good
Linux help pages/forums (justlinux.com, linuxquestions.org etc, etc)

Don't know whether thats enough for you to retract your retraction, but

Ben Thorp

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Well, it's good to see such an enthusiastic response from those it
concerns. Other than those who already said 'yeah, that would be good. Why
not ask the list?' on IRC, there has been SFA response from anyone else.
Why bother now? I was inclined to help, but since it would appear that
noone can even be arsed to even reply to an email with one word, I'm
retracting the suggestion.



Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Evening all
> Ok, following more debates on IRC, it would appear that an effective
method for communicating mailing list data to the scotlug.org.uk website is
required. Since the mailing list is already replicated through gmane, it
has been suggested that a NNTP to Web client is implemented on the scotlug
site, possibly allowing two-way communciation to the list from the site.
> So, to summarise...
> Mailing list <--> Usenet (Gmane) <--> Site (scotlug.org.uk)
> That should kill off the mailing list versus web forums argument, with
the added benefit of Usenet access for those who want it.
> All those in favour, say aye...
> 'Aye'
> Regards
> Kyle
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