[Scottish] Sempron v Athlon - or Celeron?

Alan alan at nonsite.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 11:32:33 BST 2004

I've always used Athlon. Recently bought an ATHLON 64 2800 (2.0ghz clock 
speed). Its fast  and can run 64 bit and 32 bit apps. This could be 
useful as  certain Linux distros seem to be avilable in both 32 bit and 
64 bit.  The chip cost £82 and the Mobo is an Epox and cost around the 
50 quid mark. I bought them from www.komplett.co.uk  and their prices 
are far cheaper than any store in Glasgow.
Hope this helps,
Alan Rutherford

neil sinclair wrote:

>Hi guys - 
>It's me again, asking hardware questions!
>I'm about to replace an Athlon 1.4, and the motherboard which goes with it.
>I need to know if the Sempron is (as I sceptically suspect) more a marketing 
>move forward in the field of processor design than an improvement over the 
>Does anyone have a take on this? 
>Right now it seems to be difficult to get Athlons at the low end - they are 
>simply out of stock. So my choice is between an Athlon XP 2200+ (266 FSB) and 
>a Sempron 2500 (333 FSB). Both have 256K cache.
>I'm proposing an Asus A7N8X-VM microATX board, stll using my 512Mb of PC2100 
>ram (i.e. 266 bus speed), and putting SuSE 9.1 pro onto that. Should be a 
>nice system I hope!
>Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!
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