[Scottish] Skype?

Julian Gibson julian at rjmg.net
Mon Sep 6 11:59:44 BST 2004


The obvious downside to Skype is that it is closed source and
therefore we are unable to verify that it's 256bit AES encryption
has been correctly implemented.

Will have a look at SIP.


Ben Thorp wrote:
> PhoneGAIM implements the SIPPhone protocol, which claims to be the most
> popular VoIP standard.  There is a comparison chart at
> http://www.phonegaim.com/thecall.html (although this is probably biased).
> You can read about SIP at http://www.sipphone.com/
> I couldn't find anything to suggest whether or not SIP includes encryption,
> although the chart on the Skype page may include SIP with 'Other standard
> VoIP clients', in which case it may not.

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