[Scottish] Weird Problem ( Network)

phil at miracleexpress.force9.co.uk phil at miracleexpress.force9.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 01:44:26 BST 2005

Hi Folks

Hoping someone can help me, with this problem.

I am running the 64 bit club version of Mandriva 2005 LE, and when the machine 
turns off or reboots, it is shutting down the eth1 connection, totally, so as 
the light on the router goes off, and when it boots back up again then it 
opens it back up and relights. This didn't happen prior to this version.

It means when the wife goes into windows the eth1 access has been 
disconnected, and she cant get on the internet.

does anyone of any easy solution to solve this? Or what would be causing it?

Thanks in Advance


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