[Scottish] looking for old BBC Master computer :) {Scanned}

Matt Lowe scotlug at mlsis.co.uk
Tue Nov 15 17:28:36 GMT 2005

Thats the main reason i still like the BBC's i managed to put 240VAC 
into the middle of one meny years ago, and it cost me a total of £6.00 
to fix, those where the days LOL, try that with a PC and kiss the entire 
machine goodbye :)


Steve Logan wrote:

> <old git>
> Those were the days...
> I did my PhD on a BBC Model B with 64K RAM.  It lived in the middle of 
> the labs, had acid, blood, PTFE solution and tea spilt over it on a 
> regular basis and it never ever faltered.  The main problem, as I 
> recall, was the BASIC interpreter had a 'number of lines' limit so you 
> had to put multiple commands on the same line to try and force more in.
> Don't make 'em like they used to...
> </old git>
> Matt Lowe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I know its not excatly a linux question, but does anyone out there 
>> have any old BBC Master or BBC Master Compact machines? i need one to 
>> use on an old piece of hardware ive dug out of the loft, and it wont 
>> run on the BBC B's that ive got.
>> Thanks
>> Matt Lowe
>> scotlug <at> mlsis.co.uk
>> (T) 07050 615 773

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