[Scottish] Linux compatible Wireless router??

Colin.Speirs at scotland.gsi.gov.uk Colin.Speirs at scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Tue Nov 7 16:37:15 GMT 2006

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> Colin.Speirs at scotland.gsi.gov.uk wrote:
> > Hi folks
> >
> > I am tempted by a Zyxel wireless router (p-660hw) for a dual boot 
> > system
> >
> > Has anyone had any experience of these beasts and if so do 
> they work 
> > with Linux?
> >   
> Assuming it properly implements the standards it says it does 
> (802.11, 
> etc) then there is no reason for a Linux computer not to work 
> with it. 
> There is mention of a Windows configuration utility which obviously 
> wouldn't be of use from the Linux install but it also has a 
> web interface.

That's what I hoped from the router end, it was the next bit I was
hoping to get an answer for

> As the Linux computer is just acting as a client over 
> standard network 
> protocols, which wireless router you use is basically irrelevant. 
> Compatibility problems come into play when you start talking about 
> wireless interface cards at the other side of the network 
> link for the 
> Linux PC itself. Does your computer have a wireless interface 
> that you 
> have used before or are you planning on purchasing one for it?

There are two possibilities for a wireless interface. It comes with a
PCI card or a USB dongle. I am expecting that the PCI card won't work
with it, but that maybe, just maybe, the USB one might. Don't know why
I'm that optimistic, I just am.

Unless you can suggest a separate card that would be worthwhile getting?



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