[Scottish] Linux Meeting Dundee - :-)

Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 13 11:31:18 BST 2007

Hi Guys,

Just a quick email to let everyone know that there is a Abertay Linux
Society meeting on the 16th of this month (this Thursday). It will be
held in the normal place which is The Students Association Building Bell
St, Dundee, in the cinema on the top floor. Last week it was found that
the Union was closed until 8 however the door was left open and people
needed to use the lift to come to the top floor, at the moment i assume
that a similar situation will happen this Thursday so just come in and
use the lift, but i imagine they'll be a few of the usual suspects
outside before it starts.

As per usual and please tell as many as you can that the society is open
to everyone, and anyone is welcome to join. So if you do know anyone
that is interested in finding out more about Linux, or is wanting to
meet other Linux users then bring them along with you. If you haven't
come to a meeting yet, and your free this Thursday then why not come
along and put some faces to names. 

In this meeting we'll be a kind of show and tell sort of event with the
main purpose to organise ourselves for freshers fair. It is an ideal
opportunity to attract new users to our wonderful world of GNU/Linux and
FLOSS, and i imagine it will help both Linux's groups in Dundee. So if
you have any ideas then drop me an email or better yet come to the
meeting. There is always the cheap beer downstairs after the meeting if
you want to have a good old chin wag, and a blather about all things

Hope to see you guys soon, and remember if you have any ideas about what
may help attract new users to Linux then please drop me an email,
failing that see you all on Thursday.

Arron Finnon

Abertay Linux Society

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