[Scottish] Bugzilla Support

Robert Anderberg spam at anderberg.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 23:31:06 BST 2007


My company (Realtime Worlds) is looking for someone to provide support 
for Bugzilla.

We have an installation that we've been using for 3 years that  
currently has about 100 users and maybe 150 bugs a week.

We expect the number of bugs and users to increase dramatically over the 
coming months, so we want a system and a technical support package that 
can deal with any problems.

Our internal technical support team can deal with any hardware problems, 
but we'd like to have a Bugzilla expert on call to solve any critical 
problems that arise. We would also like to find someone that could come 
on-site to fix problems if necessary.

We've looked at Bugopolis and after talking to them it looks like their 
system would be good for us, the only problem being that they're based 
in the United States. So at the moment we're looking at possibly buying 
a system from Bugopolis (and having them do some customisation of 
Bugzilla) and then getting someone local to support it.

This would be an ongoing support contract and could last up to five years.

So, this is a general request for any companies that might be able to 
provide a service like this to contact me.



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