[Scottish] Gaelic Spellchecker

Chris Nicolson chris at c-nic.org
Mon Feb 12 23:47:40 GMT 2007

J.R. Seago wrote:
>>> And the second point is why does the Welsh language board get more
>>> than the Gaelic.
>> Maybe the Welsh assembly puts greater importance on Welsh than the
>> Scottish Executive does on Gaelic ;)
> If this is British/UK money, or even EU funding, that still doesn't explain 
> why half the number of people get more than three times the money, for the 
> same end.
> Thank you for your research on my behalf, I'll read it again tomorrow and 
> you may get a more sensible answer.

A bit of simple research helps with this point:

Scottish Gaelic Total speakers: 58,652
Welsh Total speakers: 700,000

>From their respective wikipedia pages. So we're doing well for the relative
number of speakers!

pickle (currently learning Gaelic)

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