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Tue Feb 13 02:21:08 GMT 2007

On Monday 12 February 2007 23:51, Chris Nicolson <chris at c-nic.org> wrote:
> Scottish Gaelic Total speakers: 58,652
> Welsh Total speakers: 700,000
> From their respective wikipedia pages. So we're doing well for the
> relative number of speakers!

That makes matters even worse! Welsh is spoken by 2,903,085/700,000 one in 
four+of the population of Wales, Gaelic by 5,062,011/58,652 one in 86 > 87 
of the population of Scotland, even if one discounts the proportion of 
Scotland where Gaelic was not spoken, then the sum of money per head being 
spent to preserve a European language/culture, (which was what I understood 
the EU to be seeking to do), should at least be greater for Scotland.

I wonder how much Cornish language promotion gets? (Rhetorical question, 
pleas don't find out for me). 
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