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Thu Feb 22 14:03:34 GMT 2007


Dear All, Some of you might be happy to know I am at last online via this Linux (Ubuntu) box.....! "Ready for my next big project now," (as an Electron Club member just wrote after finally enabling his return key on an IBM Thinkpad (ebay verson).....Tried to install Avast! - brought it in first as a .deb package but the system didn't recognise it - then brought in the tarball and system asked me to "extract" it - which I did, and it put itself into /usr  /bin  and /share  directories (from what I could find...)But when I open these files there is nothing there - the Avast key came to my e-mail, but the message that came with it was instructions for installing on a Windows system....sigh.....Been into the Avast4workstation forum and there are plenty of people who have had BOO-COO dificulty installing Avast.....(We put Avast on the windows machine a week or so ago because apparently AVG stopped supporting the kernal of XP in favour of Vista - or this may be 
their sneaky "upgrade to version 7.5" message in reality.....)What anti-virus software do any of you use? - how did you download it and install it? - Do I need to download any installers or package management tools from the Ubuntu "Universe" or wherever to actually get the programme recognised and installed?I have tried to use the "Add Applications" tool in Ubuntu and also the Synaptic Pkg Manager - but I don't really understand all they ask me to do (if anything) - I've tried using the  ' ls '  command and there are no results for Avast.....My computer is already running slower & slower....Any help would be greatly appreciated ! As ever, thanking you in advance,- Paul 

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