[Scottish] Linux Anti-Virus etc.....?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Feb 24 04:55:44 GMT 2007

babaguy wrote:
> Dear All, Some of you might be happy to know I am at last 
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Jings, Paul, but your emails are bloody hard to read :)

neuro at ambassador:~$ apt-cache search anti-virus
clamsmtp - virus-scanning SMTP proxy
havp - HTTP Anti Virus Proxy
mailscanner - email virus scanner and spam tagger
picalib - Set of PICA helper scripts and configuration files
clamav - antivirus scanner for Unix
clamav-base - base package for clamav, an anti-virus utility for Unix
clamav-daemon - antivirus scanner daemon
clamav-docs - documentation package for clamav, an anti-virus utility for Unix
clamav-freshclam - downloads clamav virus databases from the Internet
clamav-milter - antivirus scanner for sendmail
clamav-testfiles - use these files to test that your Antivirus program works
libclamav-dev - clam Antivirus library development files
libclamav1 - virus scanner library

ClamAV - www.clamav.org - is probably one of the best known anti-virus
solutions on Linux.  Plenty of others such as Panda, F-PROT, Vexira,
Kaspersky, and AVG (7.1, and in RPM form, but the alien package is quite
good at converting RPMs to debs for install on Debian/Ubuntu) can be found
simply by googling for linux anti-virus - 33.4m search results in all,

I personally don't run any anti-virus on my main server or any of my other
linux kit, with the caveat that I run clamav on my inbound email server.  I
run Symantec 10 on my windows xp desktop to make sure nothing squeaks
through on that side.

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