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Daniel Owens danny at ipalchemy.com
Wed Feb 28 22:40:27 GMT 2007

Hi Paul,

I have followed this story for some time with mild amusement and little 
real interest.

I no longer find it amusing.

I have watched reasonable suggestions by competent individuals go 
contradicted or ignored followed by grumbling and whining that things 
are just not working.   The truth is that Linux is not always easy for 
everyone in every conceivable context.   Sometimes things just don't 
come together as intended or expected.

In using Linux over several years I have learned patience, self reliance 
and flexibility.   Above all I have learned to listen carefully to the 
suggestions of those who have solved particular problems for themselves.

In my own career I have occasionally bitten off more than I can chew, I 
have needed to put down projects and come back to them later.   I often 
find that mental background processes provide a whole new perspective on 
picking a parked project up again weeks or months later.

With the greatest respect, perhaps it is time to park your own project 
and allow your mental background processes to do their own special kind 
of magic.

kind regards,

babaguy wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:"Also, could you please stop changing the subject line (i.e. Re: tomoRe:), as whatever mailer you're using doesn't respect the References:header, and changing the subject line screws with list threadingsomething fierce :) "Look! If Linux can twist *my* melon, I can certainly twist some threads! I may end up with - who knows? - enough rope to hang myself!  But seriously folks - I'd be delighted to do a re-install with a newer version of Ubu-roi - not sure if my machine will actually be able to accomplish this in its current BADGER'ed condition, but I'll give it a try - I realise that newly downloaded applications *ought* to simply open by clicking on the icon, but the trouble is there *are* (mostly) no discernable icons, and when there *is* an icon on the desktop, there's nothing in it! It's just a pretty little picture lurking on my G-noam-ie...Onward !   (and Thank you all very much - the reason I keep turning to you guys is that when I look 
> thru Ubu-info/forum-stuff it just ends up annoying  me even more ! The actual problem is often not covered, or blithely passed over in a glancing comment or subordinate clause - )Thanks ! - Paul B. 
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