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On Wednesday 28 February 2007 22:07,  "babaguy"<babaguy at>wrote:
> but the trouble is there *are* (mostly) no discernable icons, and when
> there *is* an icon on the desktop, there's nothing in it! It's just a
> pretty little picture lurking on my G-noam-ie...Onward !   (and Thank you
> all very much - the reason I keep turning to you guys is that when I look

Firstly an apology to all on the list as I am an offender in the subject 
line matter.

Secondly to "babaguy", I,being a newcomer to the list have no idea how long 
you have been struggling with GNU/Linux. You might find a more up to date 
version of 'Ubuntu more usable, and may perhaps get on better if you try 
re-installing but using Kubuntu 

When Windows®/Microsoft® crashed on me for the last time, and went looking 
for something else, in the days when 512 megabytes was a really BIG hard 
drive, I found the then Gnome, shall we say less than helpfull, and KDE 
much more easily understood and usable. Of course I maybe trying to teach 
my granny to suck eggs, especially as I just swapped one GUI, 
(Windows®/Microsoft®), for another (Slackware®), but thats one of the first 
I tried, and I've always found its fearsome reputation undeserved. 

Why Ubuntu? If you're going to  use Debian, why not install Debian, and not 
an imitation? If you're going to use an imitation, no matter how good, then 
why not Knoppix? 
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