[Scottish] New Thread: I apologise.....

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Wed Feb 28 22:44:10 GMT 2007

 Dear Alan, and All,Thank you for your encouraging and helpful replies earlier today, which I am trying to follow and use to track down needed information.

SORRY to have annoyed you and other SLUGgers - 

It's really not "brain-dump," simply another approach to communication and learning / thinking / processing information - more language- and word-based than computer- or mathematical - concept-based.....

It is only meant to poke fun at myself and use language (which I understand) to grapple with Linux and its almost infinite if's and's and but's ( which I don't - very well - yet )

Again - sorry for the annoyance and thanks for all your help.

- Paul B. 

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