[Scottish] New Thread: I apologise.....

Daniel Owens danny at ipalchemy.com
Wed Feb 28 22:53:59 GMT 2007

On reflection I think my previous post reads more harshly than it was 

The key message is that one can run out of patience and get tired out 
with stubbourn projects.   It is usually worth taking one's time, and 
being patient.
Do not give up entirely though, keep plugging away with different 
disto's and hardware configurations til you come up with something that 
works for you.   The journey, though hard, is usually worthwhile and 
quite satisfying (in retrospect).


babaguy wrote:
>  Dear Alan, and All,Thank you for your encouraging and helpful replies earlier today, which I am trying to follow and use to track down needed information.
> SORRY to have annoyed you and other SLUGgers - 
> It's really not "brain-dump," simply another approach to communication and learning / thinking / processing information - more language- and word-based than computer- or mathematical - concept-based.....
> It is only meant to poke fun at myself and use language (which I understand) to grapple with Linux and its almost infinite if's and's and but's ( which I don't - very well - yet )
> Again - sorry for the annoyance and thanks for all your help.
> - Paul B. 
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