moRe: [Scottish] Broadband Question...

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Mon Jan 15 00:52:13 GMT 2007

babaguy wrote:

> If anyone else can PLEASE (I really MEAN these capitals, I *would* 
 > like to be able to use my Linux to actually *do* something)
 > help me with configuring a modem (either BT VOYAGER ADSL or THOMSON
 > Speed Touch 330)

They're shit.  Throw them away.  Seriously.  They barely work in 
Windows, and the manufacturers refuse to give out any information on how 
to make them work in Linux.  Get rid, and buy an ADSL router.  They're 
relatively cheap, especially once you consider the value of your time 
wasted in trying to get a broken-by-design sack of cack working against 
its will.


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