moRe: [Scottish] Broadband Question...

William Anderson neuro at
Mon Jan 15 05:59:59 GMT 2007

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> babaguy wrote:
>> If anyone else can PLEASE (I really MEAN these capitals, I *would* 
>> like to be able to use my Linux to actually *do* something)
>> help me with configuring a modem (either BT VOYAGER ADSL or THOMSON
>> Speed Touch 330)
> They're shit.  Throw them away.  Seriously.  They barely work in
> Windows, and the manufacturers refuse to give out any information on how
> to make them work in Linux.  Get rid, and buy an ADSL router.  They're
> relatively cheap, especially once you consider the value of your time
> wasted in trying to get a broken-by-design sack of cack working against
> its will.

IME Speedtouch 330s work Just Fine under Ubuntu after following the docs
on the Ubuntu wiki.  I agree that a router makes more sense, but
sometimes you've just got to go with the kit you've got, especially if
you're on a budget.

If you *can* spare the cash tho, I'd recommend a Zyxel 660R Compact -
they're about 20-25 quid, single Ethernet presentation, plug that into
your PC or LAN switch and you're sorted.  They're nails.

And Gordon, why not throw away your PDP?  It's shit, seriously. :)

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